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Kotlin Weekly #-410!

Kotlin Library Creators’ Guidelines ( JetBrains has significantly updated the Kotlin library creators’ guidelines, with more information on how to work on Kotlin libraries.

[SPONSORED] Publishing a native Swift SDK using Kotlin Multiplatform, KMMBridge and SKIE ( Some customers have been requesting support for a native Swift SDK, but as a small team implementing and shipping a Swift SDK would take some time. In the KMP community, many have faced a similar challenge and have developed a host of tools and approaches we could investigate.

Getting Started with Jetpack ViewModels and DataStore in Kotlin Multiplatform ( This article narrates how we can get started with Jetpack ViewModels and DataStore when developing in Kotlin Multiplatform.

Getting Started with Compose Multiplatform and Koin: A Practical Guide ( Muhammad Khubaib Imtiaz wrote an article explaining how to use Compose Multiplatform and Koin.

Adapt Kotlin 2.0 in Android applications ( Marlon Lopez wrote an article to help us adapting our Android applications to Kotlin 2.0.

Mutable objects or properties? ( One of the oldest discussions in Kotlin is if we should prefer to represent a mutable state with read-only var or a mutable val property. Marcin Moskala tries to find an answer in his new article.

Down Another Rabbit Hole ( Romain Guy keeps exploring performance topics in Kotlin in this new article.

Everything you want to know about Functional interfaces in Kotlin ( Sandeep Kella wrote a comprehensive overview of functional interfaces in Kotlin.

Kotlin’s when with enums: else considered harmful ( This article explores why it’s often better to favor exhaustive when statements without else when dealing with enums.

Kotlin Power Assert ( Duncan McGregor takes a look at Kotlin Power-Assert after he saw a lightning talk at the KotlinConf.

Everything you need to know about Kotlin 2.0 ( Stevdza-San has summmarized the most important things you need to know about Kotlin 2.0.

Calling all Kotlin wizards! 🧙 ( trivago is seeking a Backend Engineer to join their team of passionate developers building cutting-edge advertiser tools. You’ll be wielding Kotlin, Spring Boot, and a whole arsenal of cool tech (gRPC, Kafka, Redis, etc.) to tackle high-volume data processing challenges. If you’re a problem-solver with a knack for building scalable systems, this might be your next adventure! Apply now and join the trivago team!


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