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Kotlin Weekly #-403!

Kotlin Multiplatform State of the Art Survey 2024 ( Help to shape and understand the Kotlin Multiplatform Ecosystem! It takes 4 minutes to fill this survey. The results will be shared with the community, and you have the chance of winning an Amazon voucher!

Compose Multiplatform 1.6.10-beta01 is out ( Compose Multiplatform 1.6.10-beta01 is out. This version introduces a bunch of new features. Check out the full list of goodies here.

K2 compiler migration guide ( Enable the new K2 compiler in your projects and experience the future of Kotlin today. Check out this migration guide from JetBrains.

Management of Native Code and React Native at Shopify ( Shopify rewrote their job manager logic from React Native to KMP, improving sync time by 10x. They narrate their story in this article.

A Pattern for Composing Flow Operations ( In this article, Renato Costa explores a pattern to add another tool to our toolbox when composing flow code.

Code Sketching with Kotlin Notebooks: Developer Guide ( Dmytro Kurets wrote an article summarizing his experience sketching code with Kotlin Notebooks.

Swift package export setup ( New tutorial from JetBrains on how to export a KMP library as a SwiftPM dependency.

Inline Functions: inline, crossinline, and noinline ( In this video, Dave Leeds cover the basics of inline functions, and then learn about its nuances and how we can use crossinline and noinline to get the behavior that we want.

Ktor and Dependency Injection ( In his Kotlin refactoring sailing, Duncan McGregor explores in this chapter Ktor and Dependency Injection.

Extending Ktor: Unleash the Full Potential of Kotlin’s Web Framework ( In this session, Anton Arhipov and Ido Flax discuss developing plugins for Ktor and demonstrate a few interesting plugins that complement the standard set of Ktor’s features.

Master your Kotlin skills and code less - Mastery: 13-14 May ( Remote workshop for experienced Kotlin developers who want to master advanced Kotlin usage. mutability, synchronization, performance, memory optimization, efficient collection processing, and multiplatform programming won’t be a mystery anymore.


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